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Green Party reiterates call to criminalize hydrofracking

July 08, 2013
As the Cuomo Administration continues to study the possible health risks associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing, the Green Party of New York state is reiterating its call for the complete criminalization of fracking.

According to the Green Party, a law to criminalize fracking is not only wanted by the public but necessary due to fracking's potentially destructive effects, not just on the environment, but on public health, economic stability and individual communities as well.

The Green Party has been calling for the criminalization of fracking since 2010 and has since been fighting to help local leaders stop fracking in their own communities by way of home rule measures.

Already in the town of Woodstock, a resolution has passed calling for the criminalization of hydraulic fracturing as outlined in New York Public Law 1 of the state's Penal Code.

Ulster County legislators were asked to follow in the footsteps of Woodstock officials and approve their own fracking criminalization resolution. If approved, the resolution proposed by the Sovereign People's Action Network of Ulster and Greene Counties, a grassroots organization comprised of concerned residents, would support Public Law 1 and the banning and criminalization of fracking in Ulster County.

"Fracking will lock us into climate catastrophe," said Gloria Mattera, co-chair of the state's Green Party. "Either we put all new energy investments into clean wind, water, and solar energy, or we burn fracked gas and emit enough carbon and methane to blow us past the 2 degree Celsius rise in temperatures that climate science tells us is the tipping point for runaway global warming."

"We are at a fork in the road," Mattera said.

A June 17 Siena College Poll found that New York voters are generally opposed to fracking 44 to 37 percent. Republicans support fracking nearly two to one, while Democrats oppose the issue by a two to one margin. Opposition to fracking is also higher in upstate New York, with 52 percent of voters opposed, and 38 supporting the gas drilling process.

The Siena College Poll was conducted by phone to 804 registered New York voters from June 9-13.

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    July 08, 2013 | 05:27 PM

    I support criminalization of fracking in NY. A complete ban on fracking is the solution.

    Mary Perra
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    Radiation in Natural Gas.
    July 08, 2013 | 09:55 PM

    I've been researching Radiation coming up with the methane and found that the OIL/GAS Industry has known for decades that Natural Gas has been carrying RADIATION into peoples homes through their Gas Stoves.
    Now I find out that the Marcellus Gas is 100's of TIMES more potent at sending Radiation right through your Gas Stoves. This is unconchable, and going to be deadly to us all. THANX jc

    John Cunningham
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    NYC Water Supply is Upstate NY
    July 11, 2013 | 07:09 AM

    I would guess upstate NY is less supportive as it would be their actual land and water, but NYC gets their water (as far as I know) from upstate reservoirs, mainly on the pristine Delaware River (both the east branch and the west branch of the Delaware River in Delaware County have reservoirs). NYC has MAJOR MAJOR reasons to think long and hard about fracking and water ruination.

    Kathleen Bartholomay
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    July 11, 2013 | 12:43 PM


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    Green Party positive alternatives
    July 21, 2013 | 10:28 AM

    The Green Party is right. The Green Party - especially Green Party leader Howie Hawkins - led the way on stopping fracking for years. The Green Party provides the positive solutions. Green economy jobs. Solar jobs, Wind jobs. Geothermal jobs. The new renewable green energy provides all we need. The Green Party is right. Renewable green energy makes the old taxpayer subsidized fossil fuel wasteful, unneeded. No fracking. Cut taxpayer subsidies for fracking, oil, auto, asphalt now! Grow the Green economy. Grow green jobs. Join the Green Party. Be a Green Party candidate today for local, state, or federal office.

    Carey Campbell
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    September 08, 2013 | 03:00 PM

    If the CEO's of the gas companies want us to BELIEVE fracking is safe...then they should move their families within 1 mile of the fracking wells and prove it.

    Mary Barney
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