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Assembly GOP bill would repeal NY SAFE Act

March 25, 2013
Assemblyman David DiPietro, R-East Aurora, a vocal critic of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's NY SAFE Act, has authored legislation (A.6238) that would repeal the controversial gun restrictions.

"The founding fathers of this nation knew that the right to own firearms was as natural as the air we breathe," DiPietro said. "The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. The Second Amendment exists as the last line of resistance against an intrusive government that seeks to strip you of your God-given rights."

DiPietro's bill would completely repeal the SAFE Act, citing the cost to gun owners and the question of the law's constitutionality. The bill is currently under review in the Assembly Codes Committee.

"We have 'certain unalienable rights, endowed upon us by our creator,' and protection of these rights is a self-evident truth," said the freshman Republican. "These gun laws punish law-abiding citizens and fail to address any of the concerns that precipitated this law being written. We, the people, have shown Gov. Cuomo that we will not stand for having our liberties slowly, but assuredly, stripped away."

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    I hope this gets somewhere.
    March 25, 2013 | 02:12 PM

    Probably doomed to failure because of the NYC based lemming legislature. But I'm glad he's trying. We have to speak up and tell Albany we don't want to live ny NYC's rules.

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    SAFE Act
    March 25, 2013 | 02:33 PM

    Thank you to Assemblyman Di Pietro and Senator Marchione for standing up for our Second Amendment rights. The so called "SAFE Act" adds nothing to add to our safety while infringing upon the rights of every New York citizen and making criminals out of law abiding gun owners.

    Michael Cyktich
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    gun control
    March 25, 2013 | 06:33 PM

    Criminal- someone who dose not obey laws , 2 firemen shot and killed in webster ny on dec 24th by a man that was let out of jail after beating his mother to death with a hammer my question is why was this man out on the streets in the first place gun an in the sandy hook school shooting tried several times to buy fire arms from a local gun store but was denied why was this not looked into the backround check was done he was denied but he was just left alone sent on his way to carry out his plan we on the books what good are new laws gona do

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    gun control
    March 25, 2013 | 06:34 PM

    *** we dont enforce laws that are already on the books what good are new laws gona do

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    March 25, 2013 | 07:47 PM

    If the Governor was so sure the "SAFE Act" would deter crime and make the populous safer, why was the legislation done behind closed doors with no public input and brought to the floor at the 0 hour? His rouse is transparent!! Remember criminals don't go to your local Wally Mart to purchase guns and ammunition and they don't submit to background checks. The only people effected my this mockery of the legislative process is the law abiding citizen! THE PUBLIC WON'T FORGET come election time, Mr. Governor!!

    Jeff in Rockland
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    March 26, 2013 | 04:24 PM

    There were dumb republicans who voted for it and now want repeal

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    Safe Act
    March 26, 2013 | 07:35 PM

    Any law that breaks the law, is in it's self, (a criminal act), is it not?
    Therefore to enforce this law would then be a criminal act also.
    Any Law Enforcement Agency attempting to enforce this bad law would be themselfs be commiting a crime.
    As I understand it, No State Law can supercede a Constitutional Right.

    Timothy Swedenhjelm
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    March 26, 2013 | 08:10 PM

    I myself would like to know how fat the CHECK was that Mayor Bloomberg wrote to Mr Cuomo & Friends to get these laws on the books. A great THANK YOU to Mr DiPietro & all others who stand with the people & for the people for all are rights.

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    unsafe act
    March 29, 2013 | 06:23 PM

    Best News I've heard in a while....this was the biggest hoax ever .....a rush to pass a Bill that does not fully take effect for 15 Months ??? Cuomo is the criminal here.

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    Safe act repeal
    March 30, 2013 | 05:46 PM

    How much more do they need to repeal this useless law !
    People are fed up with this governor and his dictator like actions! Repeal it NOW!

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    Bit off more than he can chew
    April 01, 2013 | 12:01 PM

    As of this writing, over 50 NY counties oppose the NY "safe"
    act. This should come as no surprise since most of NY State is rural.

    What the city politicians (Cuomo) have failed to realize is
    that the entire southern tier of NY State, as far east and north as
    Schoharie and Otsego counties, is included in the cultural region known
    as Appalachia. Google Appalachia or Appalachian counties.

    The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Maine to Alabama but the
    Appalachian cultural region is more specific.
    In violating the second amendment rights of NY citizens, Cuomo has not only declared war against rural New Yorkers, he has declared war against Appalachia. This is no small matter. If there is one thing that Appalachian folk have in common from North to South, it is the fact that they don’t take kindly to outsiders that attempt to take away their rights and freedom.

    C. B. Tools
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    Safe Act
    April 05, 2013 | 09:13 AM

    Your damned right we wont forget come election time, Mr. Governor!!

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    gun control and the safe act
    April 15, 2013 | 05:16 PM

    the safe act is dispicable. Every patriot and citizen that has wealded a gun knows it. Why is it every time some shooting happens or a tragety with a gun the politicians see it as a chance to make a name for them selves. They make way to much money and have to much time on there hands obviously. The safe act and the ammunition shortage in this state and country was created by obama and his buddies like cuomo. they are scared and with good reason should be. The hard working people like the ones that founded this country not politicians gave us these rights unconditionaly. They didnt say you can have a shotgun but not a rifle or can have seven rounds in the gun but not 10 or more. We the people made this country and its getting time we took her back and start all over again, i think. Impeach cuomo for his actions and all the others that violated there oath of office passing the safe act.

    richard mcatee
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    April 20, 2013 | 09:34 PM

    If you have sighned up for the draft, 18-45 years old ,you are in the unorganised militia and you shall not be denied any weapons.militia act of 1903!

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    Where do we stand
    April 24, 2013 | 11:55 PM

    Where do we stand on this so far does any one have any information on this.

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