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Silver is including $25 million for DREAM Act in Assembly's budget proposal

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced a budget proposal appropriation of $25 million to fund the New York State DREAM Act.
March 08, 2013
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, has announced a budget proposal appropriation of $25 million to fund the New York State DREAM Act.

"Investing in our future and the future economic success of our state remains a top priority for the Assembly Majority," said Silver. "That is why we have allocated $25 million in our budget for tuition assistance for immigrant youth. This is an investment that will enrich our future, strengthen our economy, and help thousands of our children realize their dreams."

Assemblyman Francisco Moya, sponsor of the New York State DREAM Act, said, "The New York State DREAM Act is going to open the doors for young undocumented New Yorkers to pursue their American Dream like generations that came before them. These young New Yorkers have only ever known America to be their home and were brought to America by parents that sought only to give their children a better life. I believe in a New York where a student's immigration status should never prevent them from accessing higher education. This funding sends a clear message: that we support equal access to education, the key to a successful future for all."

The Assembly's proposed $975 million appropriation for the Tuition Assistance Program is an increase of $25 million from the proposed Executive Budget. Those additional funds are necessary to cover the estimated cost of the DREAM Act (A.2597). TAP provides tuition assistance for all who meet the eligibility requirements.

Under the proposed DREAM Act, students are eligible for TAP funding if they:

• Attended an approved ew York state high school for two or more years, graduated from an approved state high school and applied for attendance to a NYS college or university within 5 years of receiving their state high school diploma; or

• Attended an approved New York state program for a state high school equivalency diploma, received their state high school equivalency diploma and applied for attendance to a New York state college or university within five years of receiving their New York state high school equivalency diploma; or

• Are otherwise eligible for in-state tuition at SUNY, CUNY or community colleges as prescribed by their admission criteria.

Lawmakers have until April 1 to pass the 2013-2014 state budget.

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    August 23, 2013 | 09:33 AM


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