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A casino in Broome County is a win for the Southern Tier

An artist's rendering of the proposed Traditions Resort and Casino. An Assemblyman from the Southern Tier is calling for the casino siting board to grant a license for a developer to build a destination resort in Broome County. Clifford Crouch, R–Guilford, said the Broome County location would be the most fiscally beneficial location in the Southern Tier. Photo by courtesy of Tradition’s Resort.
March 17, 2014
For the past 19 years, I have served as New York state assemblyman and during my terms I have seen many peaks and valleys in Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Otsego counties. With the disappearance from our area of large corporations like IBM and Endicott Johnson, we have long relied on small to medium sized businesses to continue to grow our local economies. With the announcement by Governor [Andrew]Cuomo of the gaming licenses with one of them being earmarked for the Southern Tier, one of our local community businesses now has the tremendous opportunity to help revitalize the Southern Tier and bring much needed jobs and revenue to our area.

The governor has talked about the licenses around the state going to the areas of greatest economic impact and creating destination resorts that increase tourism. With a county over four times the population size of its surrounding counties, I can confidently state that Broome County is the place this license needs to go to within the Southern Tier. Traditions Resort & Casino has proposed a $150 million gaming resort project with many amenities situated on its current several hundred acre facility that will bring over 1,000 new permanent jobs and hundreds of construction related jobs to the community. This is what the Southern Tier needs and will significantly help a region that has been leveled by two 100 year floods within a couple years of each other.

A gaming license in Broome County would mean not only new jobs and revenue to the local economy, but would encourage tourists to once again look at Broome County as a destination, a status it once enjoyed many years ago. With the four seasons and beautiful landscape of the region, tourists would enjoy outstanding accommodations, gaming, spas, restaurants, outdoor activities, and retail shopping within the county. This would also enable county establishments to grow their businesses and add countless additional jobs and revenues to the local economy.

It is my position that if a casino license were to go anywhere other than Broome County within the Southern Tier, it would not have nearly the impact that it could and should have. The governor has stated he wants this initiative to boost local areas and serve an area that needs it and can effectively support it in a multitude of ways. Broome County is this area and I look forward to it as a welcomed economic revitalization for all residents and businesses.

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    Traditions Casino at the Glen
    March 19, 2014 | 03:45 PM

    Right on! The Broome County area- from Endicott to Kirkwood would benefit from this centralized location- and more! It just makes sense.

    Maggie Bellville
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    March 19, 2014 | 09:58 PM

    After losing IBM, Endicott Johnson, General Electric, Universal Instruments and a host of other major employers it is paramount that Endicott recieved much needed jobs. The young move away from family and family moves to be near. Our once proud community is slowly crumbling. A casino venue would be a shot in the arm our town needs to jump start our area and attract more business to invest in our beautiful area.

    Michael McKercher
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    Traditions at the Glen Casino
    March 23, 2014 | 03:40 PM

    Great editorial by Assemblyman Crouch. I grew up in the Southern Tier and moved out of the area after finishing college due to the lack of jobs and opportunities. I currently live in NYC and this casino will be a destination for people all over the Northeast. It will also keep people in the Southern Tier area by providing quality jobs. This is a great project and I hope Traditions at the Glen is rewarded the casino bid this Fall.

    Alyssa Mawhinney
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    Traditions Casino
    March 24, 2014 | 01:28 PM

    This would be huge for the Southern Tier, a region that has been very depressed drastically needs this. Traditions is the ideal location for this, good luck!

    Karl Gamboa
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    Traditions at the Glen Casino
    April 07, 2014 | 05:03 PM

    Assemblyman Crouch, Well said! I grew up in Binghamton my whole life and call Binghamton home. We as a city need this casino at Traditions. I had to move to NYC once I graudated college to be able to find work. Traditions is the prime location for a casino. It would bring in everyone all of NY state and beyond! Traditions should be reworded the honor of bringing a casino to the Southern Tier. It will open the gates for new jobs, activities, revenue and so much more. I have had the honor of knowing Pete and the Walsh family. They are an incredible family and they only wants whats best for there fellow 607-ers.

    Justin Stenta
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